Meet the Blackfriars

About Blackfriars Cultural Arts

2017-2018 Members

Ryan Azariah
John Andrews
Ania Dajka *
Dominik Dajka *
Maria Dajka *
Bridget Gareau
Sean Gareau
Stephen Gareau
Annabelle Graziose
Gianna Green
Julia Green (Director 2017; Public Relations)
Bernadette Gunther (Director 2017)*
Cecilia Gunther*
Danielle Gunther *
Jude Gunther*
Neil Gunther *
Rebecca Gunther *
Isabella Law
Julie Ruf
Rebecca Ruf
Joseph Scarpa (Director 2017; Web Design)*
Matthew Scarpa *
Sophia Scarpa*
Emma Tomic
Mary Tomic
Sarah Tomic
Ellen Tuffy
Felicia Tumminaro
Maria Tumminaro
*Indicates Founding Member


Mary Andrews (Director 2016)
Christopher Chionchio
Eliza Dentry
Milo Dentry
Nathan Dentry
Allie Gunther* (Director 2010-2012; 2014-2015)
Mary Gunther* (Director 2010-2014; Sound Design 2015)
Hank Hansen
Hollis Hansen

Hope Hansen
Theresa Mladinich * (Assistant Director 2014-2015; Director 2016)
Moore Theobald *
Skya Theobald *
Quinn Theobald *
Sean Tuffy

*Indicates Founding Member of Blackfriars Cultural Arts


Winter 2010

Blackfriars Cultural Arts founded

October 2011

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Shakespeare)

February 2012

Peter Pan (J.M. Barrie)

November 2012

Julius Caesar(William Shakespeare)

October 2013

As You Like It (Shakespeare)

July 2014

Macbeth (Shakespeare)

September 2015

The Tempest (Shakespeare)

September 2016

King Lear(Shakespeare)

Coming soon…

September 2017

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Shakespeare)

September 2018


“Blackfriars is a gem in the middle of Long Island. It is a program that is introducing young people to the magic of the works of William Shakespeare and honing skills in young actors that theatre professions are searching frantically for. I can honestly say that Blackfriars is the first place I look to when recruiting young actors for our Training Program and MainStage Productions.”

Lenny Banovez, Artistic Director TItan Theatre Company